The most advanced hockey training system in the entire Niagara region.

How it works:

Real pucks

The Rapid Shot hockey simulator operates at eight different pass speeds and uses real pucks on a simulated ice surface to allow shooters to train their snap shot, wrist shot, backhand, and one timer. Shooters can receive up to 800 pucks per hour and get real-time analytics on every single shot.


Accuracy, shot speed, and reaction time are tracked and displayed while players are shooting, and then uploaded to the Rapid Shot website where players can track their development as well as their ranking among other players across the world! Download the Rapid Shot app and check your ranking any time, any place.

Improves: puck reception, reaction time, speed, accuracy, and confidence!

Catching up to 800 pucks an hour helps players get a true feel for the puck, resulting in better on-ice puck reception and improved performance. After the puck is released, a lamp in one of the four corners of the net is randomly selected and lit, forcing shooters to make split second decisions that simulate the pace of a real game, when players have to react quickly in order to increase their odds of beating the goaltender. Just as importantly, the faster a player shoots a puck the harder it will be to save, so the Rapid Shot displays puck speed after every shot, enabling players to perfect their shooting technique without sacrificing reaction time or accuracy—which is also tracked, as the Rapid Shot records shooting statistics for each corner of the net. Each corner is subdivided into three degrees of difficulty so that players can continuously improve their accuracy. Lastly, the Rapid Shot hockey simulator bolsters a player’s confidence by providing not just a state-of-the-art training experience, but by enabling players to track their progress and improvement over time, visualizing their development as an elite shooter.

It’s addicting!

stick demos available

only $5/round


open shoot sessions

1 session: $14.99

4 sessions: $59.99

8 sessions: $89.99


rapid shot lessons

Tuesday & Thursday evenings:

1 lesson: $29.99

4 lessons: $119.99

8 lessons: $179.99

available at three locations! book your next session today: