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Beginner? NHLer? In between-er? Our experts help you find the right skates, the latest sticks, and the best protective gear to help you step up your game. Find all of the latest need-to-know info on skates, sticks, and gear here.



Custom Fitted Skates

Skates make all the difference in between the pipes. Our skate-fitting experts will ask the necessary questions to make sure you’re being matched with the right custom-fitted skates. You’ll notice a difference not only in confidence, comfort, and balance, but in speed and maneuverability as well.

Available in-store only, we follow Glen Sakeriska’s blade contouring technique, coupled with precision blade re-alignment, to produce a set of skates that we guarantee will transform the way you play the game.


CCM 3D Fit Scanner

Get fit like a pro. Our experts will take a 3D scan of your foot and then use that data to recommend the right CCM boot for your foot shape. Want to take the next step? We can send your scan to the CCM Skate Factor and order a custom-fitted one piece boot.


Mybauer skate lab

It’s not a foot. It’s a blueprint. Players can assemble a fully customizable skate in the MyBauer 3D Skate Lab, starting with a scan of the shape of your foot. Then select eyelets, laces, tongue, liner, blade, and name and number personalization.


true custom skates

Hand made in Canada and designed by legendary custom skate fitter Scott Van Horne, TRUE Custom Hockey skates provide a pain-free skating experience featuring a monocoque design that improved power transfer and control.



featured product


Warrior Fantom QRE: At 360 Grams, the Warrior Fantom is the lightest warrior stick yet, topping the QRE SL stick by 40 grams. An added Edge taper gives you true unique power throughout your release and an even quicker reaction upon puck contact. BECOME A RARE BREED.




You don’t want any #newtwig. You want the right hockey stick for your build, position, and style of play. Our experts will help you find the right match, tailoring your stick to your preferences to help you get as much of an advantage as possible on the ice.



JetSpeed: Be a game changer with CCM’s Jetspeed hockey sticks. Built for superior speed, the newest arrow in CCM’s quiver features a Hybrid Kick Point that helps you optimize your shots from anywhere on the ice. Ideal for players looking to get that shot off quickly.

Super Tacks AS1: Dare to dominate with the 5th generation Tacks—the lightest Tacks ever. Balancing power and accuracy is no easy feat, but the Super Tacks AS1 stick pulls it off. Ideal for the player who wants an explosive and powerful shot.

Ribcor: Create new goals. Pop Matrix, X-Flow, and Sigmatex technology combine to make the Ribcor Trigger 3D stick one of the most advanced twigs on the market. Seamless energy transfer makes this stick a perfect match for players who stickhandle in tight areas and want a quick release.


Bauer Hockey Player Sticks


Supreme: Welcome to Boomtown. The all-new Supreme 2S Pro is finally here, and it’s loaded with new features. Eight grams lighter than the previous Supreme 1S, the 2S uses advanced carbon layering and a durables resin system (more bend, less break). Well-suited for players with heavy-handed slapshots.

Nexus: The game just got easier. The Bauer Nexus 2N Pro is built with DuraFlex Resin system to make it an incredibly durable stick that holds up to the demands of today’s game. Also one of the most versatile sticks on the market, the 2N Pro is ideally suited for a wide variety of players.

Vapor: Lighter. More Versatile. Faster. The Vapor 1X Lite uses Advanced Carbon Layering—an all-new technology that increases strength and balance while reducing weight to make the 1X Lite 15 grams lighter and 11% faster than its predecessor. A favorite stick for players who prefer quick snapshots.


warrior hockey player sticks

COVERT Series: Easier to load, explosive release. The Covert QRL features Edge Taper and Minimum Carbon technology combine to produce stability and power, while enhancing the stick’s balance, playability, and feel. Ideal for the player looking for a quick release while and full energy return.

ALPHA Series: Strike with speed. The kick point on the Alpha QX design uses Sabre Taper to create a torsionally stiff mid-low flex arc, while True 1 Phantom Feel makes the stick lighter in the bottom half for superior handling.Ideal for the player who wants durability with precise shooting and passing.


true hockey player sticks


X Series: Accuracy. Control. Feel. A stick built for precision shooters, the X series line of TRUE sticks features an X-Core insert that dampens the blade, increasing accuracy and control. This might be a stick for playmakers and stick-handling, but Smart Flex tech still delivers plenty of power when you need it most, thanks to the custom kick point.

A Series: Strength. Balance. Power. TRUE’s patented Axenic One Piece Construction delivers industry-leading durability that’ll extend your stick’s pop life, and Smart Flex and BRT tech work together to deliver superior shooting power from anywhere on the ice. A great stick for powerful shooters looking to improve accuracy.



Safety first, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise. Let us know what you prioritize on the ice, and we’ll let you know what your best options are for protective hockey equipment. We carry the latest protective hockey equipment, from pants and shin pads to gloves, elbows, chest protectors, and helmets.




The experts in our goalie department are goalies too, so they stay up to date on all of the latest gear and know how to help you find the right pad setup, stick, or goalie skates to help you become the other team’s worst nightmare. Contact our Goalie Specialist at goalies@frontrowsport.com.



pillows & mitts

Properly fitted goalie equipment is critical to playing your best on the ice. Ill-fitted equipment can make movement difficult and fail to provide adequate protection, which is why our goalie experts will carefully ensure you only walk out of the store with the gear that’s going to help you play your best.

But that’s not all, we also know how important personal style is to a goalie. That’s why we’ll also help you customize your equipment so that you have a unique look on the ice.


forget tradition

Bauer 2X PRO set

BE DYNAMIC: A re-engineered C.O.R.Tech technology wrapping the pad with extra protection, Dynamic Flex Core and added curve composite make the all-new 2X PRO Goal set the most dynamic yet. 60 degree break on the glove and a full one piece construction on the blocker allow you to control and send rebounds out of the crease like never before. As an added benefit, Aeroform 3 core and a textreme blade bring durability and better dampening to the 2X Pro goal stick. Make everything seem slow.

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 3.41.41 PM.png

Rob’em blind

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro: The POWERLITE core gives the Supreme 2S pads a more durable core but also a better ice seal than previous designs. Speaking of previous designs, the 2S pads have 83% better puck impact, 68% better tensile strength, and 57% better skate cut resistance. The Supreme pads are built with a ingle break below the knee and have a fused boot, ideal for goalies who prefer technical and precise movements. The Supreme catch glove has a new maximum depth pocket and split T design to reduce pop-outs and keep pucks where they belong—in your glove. The blocker features a Curv composite board to help you effortlessly turn rebounds away.


CCM’s Lightest Pad

CCM Premier II: Engineered to be 20% lighter than the previous pads, the Premier IIs also have a dual density core to eliminate weight while improving torsional strength. Get down and back up again faster, too, with a redesigned leg channel that improves rotation. Redesigned hand strapping in the glove improves visibility, and D30 tech gives your palm extra protection from heavy shots. And a new anatomical cuff design improves wrist rotation so you can turn away more shots with greater ease.

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Slide with Speed

CCM E-flex 4: Save the game with the new CCM E-flex 4 Line, using a re-generated DualLiteCore technology creating less weight and more speed in the crease. Adding the Quick Motion strapping system provides the closest fit possible utilizing a more connected leg pad. The E-Flex line is also the true home of a softer flex profile, going from the top of the pad all the way throughout the structure, while also adding stiffness above the knee for added comfort and a game-ready feel.


Experience Innovation

Warrior Ritual G4: AIRslide technology, RVH Outer Roll, 360 Outerdrop Leg Chanel and a reinforced Hypercomp thigh rise are the newest among other technologies being used in the new Warrior Ritual G4 Pads. The setup is created with maximized coverage all around, and features a super lightweight design for quick in-play movement, without sacrificing comfort. Removable liners help create a customizeable fit in the blocker to complete the full setup.


masks & protective

Luckily, goalies don’t have to catch pucks with their teeth anymore. We stock the latest and greatest in goalie masks and other protective gear to keep you safe, guarded, and playing your best.


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Goalie Sticks

If you already know exactly what you like in a goalie stick, then we have good news—Front Row Sports has over 1,000 square feet of goalie equipment in our Thorold Store alone. And if we don’t have what you’re after, we’ll do everything we can to get it in.

If you don’t know, however, that’s okay too. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re heading onto the ice with the right length, curve, lie, and flex for your play style. We carry wood, foam core, and composite sticks, so come browse our selection.



figure skaters

As the premier destination for figure skates and figure skating accessories in Niagara, we’re a proud dealer of Jackson Ultima, Gam, and Edea skates, as well as John Wilson’s blades. We also carry the accessories, bags, and apparel figure skaters depend on to perform their best.











$25 + material

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Our experts have years of experience fitting skaters with the proper boots and ensuring blades are mounted and countered precisely so that you deliver your best performance, every time. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned skater, we’ll help you gain a superior edge on the ice.



Figure skate blades are different from hockey blades—you know that and we know that. We carry John Wilson’s Pattern 99 and Coronation Ace blades, which are preferred by many elite and intermediate skaters. We also carry a range of Jackson Ultima blades well-suited to beginners and intermediate skaters alike; whether you’re a dancer, synchronized, or pair skater.