As the premier destination for figure skates and figure skating accessories in Niagara, we’re a proud dealer of Jackson Ultima, Gam, and Edea skates, as well as John Wilson’s blades. We also carry the accessories, bags, and apparel figure skaters depend on to perform their best.

Figure Skate Service Prices:

Figure Skate Sharpening:


Blade Mounting/Alignment:


Skate Bake:


Taping of the Boot:

$25.00 + material

Our experts have years of experience fitting skaters with the proper boots and ensuring blades are mounted and countered precisely so that you deliver your best performance, every time. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned skater, we’ll help you gain a superior edge on the ice.



Figure skate blades are different from hockey blades—you know that and we know that. We carry John Wilson’s Pattern 99 and Coronation Ace blades, which are preferred by many elite and intermediate skaters. We also carry a range of Jackson Ultima blades well-suited to beginners and intermediate skaters alike; whether you’re a dancer, synchronized, or pair skater.