FAQ: Green Gift Cards

People new to our stores often wonder how our Green Gift Cards work.

Well, they’re our way of giving back to you during certain times of the year.

You might notice us advertising “50% back on a Green Gift Card,” or even, “100% back on a Green Gift Card!”

Here’s how that works: When you purchase a product (or from a category of products) advertised within this promotion, we will load the predetermined percent of your pre-tax purchase onto one of our Green Gift Cards. So if we’re advertising “100% back on a Green Gift Card on all widget purchases,” and you buy $100 worth of widgets (before tax), you’ll walk out of the store with your widgets AND a Green Gift Card worth $100!

How the Green Gift Card works: Green Gift Cards are valid for any regular priced, in-store merchandise. Unfortunately we can’t accept Green Gift Cards for items that are on sale; but we can allow you to use the card if you purchase the item at full value.

We hope this clears up any confusion. If you have any further questions about our Green Gift Cards, please call our Thorold Superstore at (905) 680-4588.

PS: We do also have Blue Gift Cards available for sale. They’re valid for any in-store purchases and can be loaded with any dollar value you wish. PLUS: From December 12, 2018 to December 23, 2018 we’re rewarding customers with a 50% Green Gift Card for any amount they load onto a Blue Gift Card.

Darren Thompson